Custom Agricultural & Transportation Equipment

Skid-Type Tank Mover

Hydraulic Lifting Device on a 50 ft Custom Fitted Tridem Trailer for Transporting and Erecting Skid-mounted Incinerators up to 12 ft Diameter by 40 ft High.

Telescopic Pole Trailer

20 to 30 ft Flat Deck Trailers with Extendable Hitch Tongue and Bunks for Carrying 30 to 60 ft Light Poles.

Self-Propelled Railway Trailer

Battery Powered, Hydraulic Driven Railway Trailer with 30 ft Deck, Front Drive Bogey on Articulating Hitch Tongue and Built-in Gas Generator

Intermodel Flatrack

53ft Flatrack for Rail and/or Highway Transport of Open Cargo, with Automated Retractable Stacking Posts and End Walls. Four Empty Flatracks can be Returned Shipped in the Space of One Container

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